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AAIME Business Association
Maximizing Entrepreneurship

AAIME stands for
American Association of Independent and Minority Enterprises

AAIME is pronounced "AIM"

AAIME Membership is for anyone with a burning desire to own a successful business. Our non-profit's mission is for you to "Have a Good Business with No Stress

What does AAIME mean by
Have a Good Business with No Stress

AAIME Business Association is a 501c3 organization since 1996.

AAIME provides high-quality guaranteed business services to business owners nationwide. We specialize in
• Corporations & LLCs 
• Non-profits & 501c3 organizations
• Business Paperwork
• Bookkeeping
• Personal, business, & non-profit taxes
• Sales Tax reporting
• Business printing services

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If you are new to business ownership, want your business running right, or want free business services, buy a non-profit AAIME Business Association Membership for $200.

AAIME members receive all the high-quality guaranteed business services above PLUS:
• FREE management consulting
• FREE networking
• One-Stop Shop for business ownership
• Get your business up & running
• Get your business running right 
• Get your finances in order
• Payroll services
• Business paperwork explained
• Bookkeeping explained
• Taxes explained

AAIME Membership means
1. Backoffice services you need in one place.
2. Non-profit AAIME wants You to Succeed.
3. You will Meet Like-Minded Entrepreneurs.
4. You Receive Support and Encouragement.
5. You are Joining a Progressive organization.

Use your AAIME Membership to see:
1. Business dreams become reality
A stress-free lifestyle
3. Profits increase
4. Problems solved
5. Questions answered
Grants, Business credit, & loans Approved
7. Higher Credit Scores
8. Time & Effort Saved

Our Promise
We will use our many years of experience to work with you one on one, answer your questions, and help you run your business better.

If you don't know business ownership, know this. AAIME's got your back & AAIME will Get You Right. If you Join AAIME RIGHT NOW!

AAIME Membership costs $200, lasts two years and can be renewed yearly thereafter for only $85.

But if you really only want Guaranteed Business Services, take advantage of our Guest Services.

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AAIME Membership
Promotes the Growth of Your Business

Why search around for business services that can't help you make a profit or stay out of trouble?

The U.S. Census Bureau (Feb 4, 2023) says that 4.4 million Americans each year seek the extra income, freedom, and personal time that owning a good business brings.

But according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 20% of small businesses in the U.S. end up failing within a year. That's over 880,000 businesses!

After five years, around 50% fail, and after 10 years, only 30% are still running. Once you pass the 15 year mark in business you still only have a 25% chance of surviving.

AAIME Membership helps Beat the Odds!

Join Now! Or call for more information 312-300-7489.

Business Management Consulting and Other Services

Save time, Save money! Work with experts in all these business areas:

• Management consulting
• Pricing & profit margins
• Business structure, formation, and set-up
• Cash flow
• Problem solving
• Licensing
• Credit
• Banking & loans
• Business grants
• Non-profit grants
• Introductions
• Business paperwork
• Bookkeeping
• Tax preparation
• Payroll
• Employment issues
• Unemployment & dept of labor issues
• Independent contractors
• FREE networking 
• Printing
• Marketing
• Social media
• Succession planning

From beginning to end, an AAIME Membership is a Guaranteed One-Stop Shop for Business Owners. Don't waste time trying to do it all yourself. Join Now! Call for more info 312 300-7489

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