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Professional Management Consulting

Our practical business advice is customized for each person's individual situation. Everyone has someone to talk to when things are going well. But who, in your personal circle, can you turn to for accurate, up-to-date business management advice? We have been helping people start and manage successful businesses since 1987. People say that AAIME specializes in solving business problems. Take advantage of our knowledge! Everyone dreams: You may simply want to quit your job and have your own business. You could still be in corporate America, with a widget or an idea that you want to capitalize on. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, managing and building a cash flow. Or you may run a family owned business. Whatever your situation, information, advice based upon experience, Best Practices, support, or encouragement at the right time can work wonders. Bring your problems or questions to us by phone, email, or in-person. Cost ranges from $95 to $500 per hour depending on the complexity.

Mobile Management Consulting

Need AAIME to bring professional management consulting to you? Call for an appointment. Cost is the same as above plus travel time.

Registered Agent Service (RAS)

Introducing AAIME's Registered Agent Service, called (RAS).
RAS takes care of two things: 1.) Contacts at your official corporation address. And, 2.) Official Illinois Secretary of State correspondence.
Note: RAS is only available in Illinois.

Potential problems RAS solves are
• Spending $$$ for another company to be your Registered Agent.
• Being forced to list your personal information for anyone to see on your LLC or corporation documents.
• Paying penalties and interest for not filing your Annual Report on time.
• Getting ripped off by official-looking junk mail that you may not understand.
• The embarrassment of the Sheriff coming to your home or office to serve court papers.

Not only do we do all that, be we also
1. Fully explain and help you fill-out your official Illinois Secretary of State paperwork if you like.
2. Shred the junk mail for you.
3. Fill out the necessary paperwork for an additional cost, starting at $29.99.

Now, there’s less to worry about!

• You pay $155 per year to receive RAS when you change your existing Registered Agent to us.
• You pay $105 per year to receive RAS when we start a new corporation or LLC for you. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Ask for a personalized, legally binding, Non-Disclosure Agreement customized with your business information.

Having a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement can be the difference between winning and losing in the business world today! Anytime you discuss Proprietary Information: Your Ideas, Processes, or formulas (something you have of value that is intangible) that, if stolen, could cause you monetary harm, you must insist upon the receiver's signature on your Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Anyone you negotiate with should also sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement. Signers cannot take information learned from you, and use it without you, for a period of three years.

Your signed Non-Disclosure Agreement is a VALUABLE, crucially important defensive weapon in today’s business world. Read and understand it. Call us with any questions.

Our Non-Disclosure Agreement is not guaranteed, but it can protect you. It is suitable for copying as necessary. Whenever your business information changes, we can also update your Agreement for you.

Simple Business Plan

If you want help to wrap your head around what you want your business to achieve and how to do it, then you've come to the right place.

But, you must be willing to talk about your situation and allow us to advise you.  Cost is $95 per hour. Be prepared to take notes.

We will tell you what needs to be done and how to do it. If you agree with our advice, then you must write down the plan and do the market research. But you can bring a voice recorder to our meetings. In other words, we talk and you write.

We will tell you how to turn our discussions into a business plan that you can use yourself, present to investors, or to the bank.

If you like we can also provide financial projections. The Cost for projections starts at $200 per year.

If you prefer, we can write the plan for you. The cost starts at $250 per page.

Special Help For Non-Profit Organizations

If you have a non-profit organization, but do not have a 501c3, (i.e., an IRS tax exemption making donations to your organization tax deductible,) then take advantage of two super benefits & two fabulous AAIME member benefits!

1.) AAIME can register you with the Attorney General so you can legally solicit donations. $375

2.) AAIME can prepare your 501c3 application. Starts at $615

3.) If you join AAIME, AAIME can act as your Fiscal Sponsor so that you can receive tax deductible donations, grants, etc. Cost is $500 plus 5% of cash donated and $50 per check we write to your organization.

4.) If you join AAIME, we can mentor you for FREE and help you receive grants for your organization.

5.) It's a fact, that ALL non-profits except churches, have to file taxes. Call now!

Donate to AAIME

AAIME is a 501c3 charitable organization. Our Mission is to help YOU Have a Good Business with No Stress!

If you are doing well from our help, please Donate to AAIME. Pay it forward TODAY! You will receive a generous tax deduction!

Put us in your Will. You'll be helping fellow business owners who are less fortunate or just starting out.

Remember, when you give to AAIME, you are helping young entrepreneurs grow and succeed. That's a Gift That Keeps On Giving! Thanks!

Order Entry Procedure

1. We promise to provide the simplest and/or least expensive professional solution(s) to your issue(s) or concern(s).

Orders are normally completed within 72 business hours. If your order must be completed in less time, a RUSH charge may be added. (See #3 below.)


Call our Hotline at 312-300-7489. We accept all major credit/debit cards. There is a $35 charge for any returned payment.

Our Address is AAIME • 1229 N NORTH BRANCH ST • STE 101 • CHICAGO IL, 60642-2497. Email is [email protected].

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. All items can be returned within 90 days for correction.
AAIME Membership fee is not refundable.

3. RUSH Orders: Less than 72 business hours order fulfillment is a RUSH Order.

RUSH Orders break down into three categories: Single RUSH, Double RUSH and Triple RUSH.

Single RUSH is 48 business hours turn-around.

Double RUSH is 24 business hours turn-around.

Triple RUSH is same day service.

Each Rush is $35 or 25% of the order, whichever is greater.
For example, a Triple RUSH would cost a minimum of $105 (3 x $35), or as much as 75% more to complete important work the same day.

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Discover the benefits of membership!


Tax Services

Pay only $75 for US 1040 plus $22 for each additional form, such as a Schedule C or your State tax return.

Business & Non-Profit Tax preparation costs 1% of gross income, minimum $350.


• Need a General Contractor's license? $375 plus City fee.
• Want to Certify Minority, Woman, or Disadvantaged ownership? $390 to start.

We answer your questions, fill-out your application, & help with required forms.


FREE Direct Deposit for employees & independent contractors. FREE e-File for Payroll taxes, & Forms. FREE W-2s at year-end. Cost is $34.10 for each 10 employees and/or contractors. Save Time and Money!

Referral Rewards  

We know that consistent performance builds Trust. Refer someone to AAIME Business Association and you can receive up to $50.


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