Why Paul Started AAIME

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Paul H. Perry

Founder and Director AAIME Business Association

Paul is an accountant with over 40 years’ experience. He has an Economics BA from the University of Chicago.

He learned business law in 1980, as a paralegal fresh out of college. He moved on to become a nationally licensed commodity and stock broker.

He began helping business owners in 1987, with a company he started with a family member called Capital Concepts. Capital Concepts provided accounts receivable financing, also known as factoring, to help business owners with cash flow problems.

At that time, he recognized that
to have a successful business, a large number of small business owners who thought they needed money, really only needed unbiased business knowledge.

Because the knowledge to run their business better could help small business owners as much, if not more, than financing.

This discovery led Paul to start Paul Perry & Associates, a management consulting firm. There he helped business owners manage and finance projects. But something was still missing.

In 1993 he started management consultant New Link Access Corporation to help business owners better. But soon Paul realized that the management consulting model, which is pay by the hour for consultation, for the most part does not work for small businesses.

Because many small business owners today are either the first entrepreneur, first college graduate in their family or both.

So, folks who want to have a good business may not have a support team surrounding them made up of people who are knowledgeable and experienced with business ownership.

But just as important, most small business people can neither afford the hundreds of hours of management consulting required to go from zero to successful, nor the tens of thousands of dollars it would cost to graduate from a good business school.

Then to top it off, every day business owner skills like how to balance a checkbook, aren’t taught in business school at any price!

On the other side of the coin, most if not all the new products and services we see on t.v. for example, come from the streets! Because everyday people are good at finding solutions to
problems they run into close to home.

But big business takes the credit! Even though the idea may have come from government contracts (taxpayer dollars), small companies purchased by big business, or
big business marketing and advertising dollars.

For example, on Wall Street a three percent increase in sales made by a big business traded on the stock exchange is considered great growth.

But your small business can double in size (a 100% increase) for several years while it grows from a small business to an enterprise level company that manages hundreds or even thousands of employees.

Paul knew that something else was definitely needed to help small businesses like yours grow into enterprise level businesses.

So, Paul started non-profit AAIME in 1996! But unfortunately, that’s where yet another problem emerged.

By law, non-profit 501c3 organizations can’t provide management consulting! That’s the reason why you may have noticed many expensive for-profit management consultants on the one hand, and the Government’s free S.C.O.R.E. (Service Corps of Retired Executives) on the other.

AAIME fills the gap between too expensive management consultants and free but not effective government programs.

That’s the AAIME difference!

AAIME provides discounts, free services, networking, and an iron-clad Guarantee.

For-profit partner, New Link Access Corporation, provides high quality business services like professional management consulting, accounting, staffing, and printing that most people need. 

That's why non-profit AAIME Business Association is a One-Stop Shop for business.

Today, with AAIME, you're in control!

Reach out to AAIME! Become the stress free, successful business owner, that you always wanted to be.

When he’s not busy working with business owners, Paul can be found jogging, working out, volunteering, and traveling. Say "Hi" on Instagram- aaime.business